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    I’ve had the hook for this song (you probably know exactly what i’m talking about) stuck in my head for the past week. I was on Facebook and my friend Claude posted the words to the chorus on his wall (said hook just mentioned) and I knew the only way to get this song out of my head was to remix it. I tracked down the original, sliced it up, added some beats and other secret stuff, and came up with this:

    I Gotta Feelin’ (Black Eyed Peas remixed) – MC Jack in the Box

    I’ve got a feeling….that tonight’s gonna be a good night………….

    OK, so I just made a video to go with this. I used a short from from the Prelinger Archives called “Prom – It’s a Pleasure“, originally produced by The Handy (Jam) Organization in 1961, and co-sponsored by Coke. It was seemingly used to help teens learn social behavior, probably shown in high school classes. I spliced it up, muted the original voiceover stuff, and worked it to fit the remix.


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  • claude wrote on July 14, 2010 at 10:51 // Reply

    thanks for the shout out


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