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The End

Posted by on Mar 4, 2010

Well, it’s not as bad as it sounds.

This week marks the final episode of the Cool Music show. At least in a weekly format. I may try doing a monthly version again, but I’ll most likely change some things.

One being the theme song, which I’ve hijacked from teru for 89 straight weeks. It’s actually what inspired the show to begin with, and is the namesake for the show. So thanks teru and crew. :)

It only made sense that I remix this for the last show. For this remix, I used all the same source teru used for his version. I added a few more vocal bits, but that’s it, nothing else really added. Most of the backing music here comes from Stefsax’s awesome track.

Thanks again for all the love and support for the show. I have mixed feelings about ending it, but I want to end it while it feels good and now is that time. There are other podcast ideas I’d like to explore but can’t due to the time it takes to commit to a regular weekly show. Thanks to everyone who ever listened! Enjoy!


  1. It was a great run and I have really enjoyed listening to all of the great music you have shared with the community!

  2. Thanks Tenny! I enjoyed sharing it!

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