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The Week in Cool Music

Posted by on Feb 26, 2010

Treat yourself to some cool music, courtesy of the fine artists from

The track playlist is:

  • Rushing Crocodiles by airtone (featuring Musetta)
  • The Differences of Fusion by Subliminal (featuring Silkwords and others)
  • Easy Killer by magmavander (featuring Lisa DeBenedictis)
  • Deja Vu by Scomber (featuring Willem Willem)
  • Soldier by studionan (featuring Big Red and DJ Vadim)
  • Cidade Sol (Sun Mix) by Edgar Hagen (featuring Tamy and DJ Vadim)
  • Got to Chill by Magic Moon (featuring DJ Vadim)
  • Soulful Bob’s Mix by Le Did (featuring Admiral Bob)
  • Never Get Out by Skywriter (featuring Brad Sucks)
  • Mes Souers by Big Bonobo Combo (featuring Stefsax)

You can download the podcast here. (47 minutes 58 mb mp3 file) Enjoy!


  1. Cool selections this week.

  2. thanks AB!

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