MC Jack in the Box is an independent music artist and producer based in Santa Cruz, California.

MacBook Pro / Logic / ProTools / Garageband / Reason / M-Audio KeyRig49 / Sennheiser HD-280 Pro

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Random musings are good. So are naps.


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    A short film I made.


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    I brought the Cool Music show out of retirement for a special for ccmixter’s 6th anniversary. Check out some great music below:


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    Here’s my free remix for you to play and share at all your Halloween parties this year. What’s a Halloween party without a Thriller remix? This one features Vincent Price, Tupac Shakur, and of course, the King of Pop.

    Thriller – featuring Michael Jackson, Vincent Price, and Tupac Shakur


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    I wasn’t actually participating in the latest round of Secret Mixter over on ccmixter, but I ended up doing a couple remixes anyways, so that a couple people that got left out wouldn’t get left out.

    First I did a remix of panu moon, over a lit de l’amour from morgantj. Spanked.

    You can download the track here.

    I also remixed spoken word artist oberonske. Karma killer.

    You can download the track here.

    I was also lucky enough to have one of favorite source artists from ccmixter, Admiral Bob, remix my original song “Naked on the Meach”. Totally unexpected and I love his backing.

    Much thanks there Admiral Bob!


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    I love and have been listening to the Cure’s “Kiss me Kiss Me Kiss Me” lately so any and all similarities or influences are completely coincidental and intended.

    You can download the track here. Features vocals by the Liquid Spy Network.

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    I’ve had the hook for this song (you probably know exactly what i’m talking about) stuck in my head for the past week. I was on Facebook and my friend Claude posted the words to the chorus on his wall (said hook just mentioned) and I knew the only way to get this song out of my head was to remix it. I tracked down the original, sliced it up, added some beats and other secret stuff, and came up with this:

    I Gotta Feelin’ (Black Eyed Peas remixed) – MC Jack in the Box

    I’ve got a feeling….that tonight’s gonna be a good night………….

    OK, so I just made a video to go with this. I used a short from from the Prelinger Archives called “Prom – It’s a Pleasure“, originally produced by The Handy (Jam) Organization in 1961, and co-sponsored by Coke. It was seemingly used to help teens learn social behavior, probably shown in high school classes. I spliced it up, muted the original voiceover stuff, and worked it to fit the remix.


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    I posted this a couple weeks ago on ccmixter. All source mashup of Brad Sucks’ “fake it” with Lisa DeBenedictis adding some vocals as well. Kind of an extended mix I guess. Or maybe I was just faking it way out here in Santa Cruz. I also added some strings and keyboard in gratuitous but subtle fashion.

    You can also download the track here.


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    Just finished a new remix which combines some very nice guitar work by Pitx with a stellar vocal track by c. layne. I also added some piano, keyboard, and MIDI strings.

    You can download the track here.

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    Just wrapped up a few (3) new remixes of the latest Secret Mixter project which just took place over on ccmixter. I was only supposed to do one, but I ended up doing 2 more to make sure everyone that submitted something got something back.

    The first (my original assignment) mix was for onlymeith, whose work I really enjoy. I decided to take 2 of his piano tracks and work them together, although they had a pretty big difference in bpm. I arranged it so that one piano track was the verse foundation (and repeated it) while the other acted as a bridge. I also had the beats drop out during the bridge section to de-emphasize the difference in bpm. then, to fill out the arrangement, I decided to create a “virtual conversation” between KCentric and Suzi Q. Smith, 2 powerful vocal contributors. The result is “Not Quite Only Meith

    For the second mix, I mashed up wellman, colab, spinning merkaba, and mana junkie in what I thought would be a big old remix covering the remaining folks that didn’t get a mix back. I used the great drums and percussion tracks from wellman (including timpani), colab’s piano, and placed spinning merkaba’s spoken word track around that. i used mana junkie’s track for the bridge. I also added some electric piano and string pads to the verse sections, and a number of synth tracks to the bridge. The result is “we are all one

    The final remix I just wrapped up was a last minute mashup I did to cover the last 2 artists I left off the last remix. I didbn’t leave them off intentionally, I just didn’t know they’d gotten stiffed too. “Getaway Deconstructed” is built around gmz’s instrumental track “getaway”. I augmented it with many of the samples from a nice sample pack from reusenoise, and threw an excellent vocal track by DJ Vadim and Katherine Debouer on top of that.

    And I have to mention the most excellent track I got back, courtesy of one of ccmixter’s finest, the awesome Shagrugge. He enlisted many ccmixter artists and put together a really incredible tribute to the Cool Music show for me. Just an amazing gift from an amazing artist. That’s what the Secret Mixter is all about.

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    The final Cool Music show, courtesy of the fine artists from It’s been a great run. Thanks to all that ever listened.

    The track playlist is:

    • War and Art and Love by Pitx (featuring Ciggiburns)
    • Wild Unbeaten Heart by Kirkoid (featuring Julius and others)
    • Restless Soul by Rocovaco (featuring Anomaly Jonez and others)
    • Brown and Gold by the BO Crew (featuring Leeza2unes)
    • Jazzy K by dydjej inja (featuring a host of source from the archive)
    • Possession by Mana Junkie (featuring Corsica S)
    • No Gangsters by Alex (featuring Project Question)
    • Bottomless Need by Admiral Bob (featuring panu moon)
    • Yu R by Scott Altham (featuring Beckfords and Ms. Vybe)
    • The End by MC Jack in the Box (featuring Stefsax)



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    Well, it’s not as bad as it sounds.

    This week marks the final episode of the Cool Music show. At least in a weekly format. I may try doing a monthly version again, but I’ll most likely change some things.

    One being the theme song, which I’ve hijacked from teru for 89 straight weeks. It’s actually what inspired the show to begin with, and is the namesake for the show. So thanks teru and crew. :)

    It only made sense that I remix this for the last show. For this remix, I used all the same source teru used for his version. I added a few more vocal bits, but that’s it, nothing else really added. Most of the backing music here comes from Stefsax’s awesome track.

    Thanks again for all the love and support for the show. I have mixed feelings about ending it, but I want to end it while it feels good and now is that time. There are other podcast ideas I’d like to explore but can’t due to the time it takes to commit to a regular weekly show. Thanks to everyone who ever listened! Enjoy!


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    I created and posted a new “PreMixter” video, which features the music of Subliminal. I cut and spliced an old WPA film about the dust bowl around his remix “3 Friends”.


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    Here’s another remix featuring some great vocal work by Anomaly Jonez. I did the rest.

    You can download it and read what others think here.


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    Treat yourself to some cool music, courtesy of the fine artists from

    The track playlist is:

    • Rushing Crocodiles by airtone (featuring Musetta)
    • The Differences of Fusion by Subliminal (featuring Silkwords and others)
    • Easy Killer by magmavander (featuring Lisa DeBenedictis)
    • Deja Vu by Scomber (featuring Willem Willem)
    • Soldier by studionan (featuring Big Red and DJ Vadim)
    • Cidade Sol (Sun Mix) by Edgar Hagen (featuring Tamy and DJ Vadim)
    • Got to Chill by Magic Moon (featuring DJ Vadim)
    • Soulful Bob’s Mix by Le Did (featuring Admiral Bob)
    • Never Get Out by Skywriter (featuring Brad Sucks)
    • Mes Souers by Big Bonobo Combo (featuring Stefsax)

    You can download the podcast here. (47 minutes 58 mb mp3 file) Enjoy!


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    Here are a couple of “video mashups” I did which feature music from ccmixter artists and film source from the Prelinger Archives.

    This one features the music of Loveshadow, featuring panu moon.

    This one features the music of Wellman, featuring Mykle Anthony.